RF Consular Services Ltd

RF Consular Services Ltd

Documentation processing

The documentation side of our business has grown, and diversified. Export documentation remains our core business, but we also handle quite a large volume of regulatory documents for companies, and also many kinds of legal documents which require embassy or consular legalisation.

Export documents

We have a very wide range of clients, from huge multinational corporations, through some very familiar household names, to first-time exporters. They are spread all over the UK, and we also have a number in Europe.

We are a major customer of London Chamber of Commerce and have a very good working relationship with them. Their couriers collect documents from us up to three times a day, take them to the Chamber for certification, and return them to us. Our own couriers take documents daily to the London embassies for legalization. For over thirty years we have also been members of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.


We can arrange urgent passport renewals, lost or stolen passport applications and children's passport applications. Most adult first-time passport applicants now have to go in person to a passport office for an interview, finger-prints and iris scan.


Countries for which we regularly obtain visas for clients include China, India, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, etc.

We have clients all over the U.K., both corporate and individual. To know how your application is progressing, just pick up the phone and one of our staff will tell you in seconds.

Call us now, on 01784 251200, or email help@rfconsular.co.uk and let us relieve you of at least one potential headache.